The Best Georgia Roofing Products For Reconditioning An Old Roof

Roofing companies in Georgia have taken up all sorts of challenges over the years. Many of them prefer reconditioning projects, as they can be quite testing, but rewarding as well.

Some may think that reconditioning an old roof is a bad idea given the roofing materials that we have today. What they do not understand is that those old roofs are a part of history and true works of art. Where they see something broken, others see potential and something that can be brought back to life. If you are interested in reconditioning an old roof, here is what you need to know about Madison GA roofing options:

  1. Not all materials can be saved

Due to age and weather conditions, roofing materials suffer and get damaged or destroyed over the years. No matter how much you would want to hold on to some of the parts of the roof, you need to understand that they can turn into dust at a simple touch. If you are fond of the beauty of the piece, roofers will offer you the option of recreating that particular part. They will do their best to keep the same details, but you cannot continue using the old one.

  1. New insulation is a must

In the old days, insulation was mostly made out of wool, sponge and even hay. Over the years, that insulation has already gathered dust, bacteria and pests. There is no reason why you should want to keep it. If you want to keep the same idea, you can opt for natural wool insulation. It is safer and offers better insulation than what you can find on the market right now.

  1. Structure

Before you start on anything, you will need to have a roofer and an architect take a look at the structure of the roof. You need to know if the structure needs to be changed. Back in the days, the only option for a strong roofing structure was thick wood. Also, because there were not a lot of treatments for wood, the materials were most likely a target for termites and other pests. We urge you to replace it immediately with something stronger. Try a combination of wood and metal just to be on the safe side.

The best thing you can do in reconditioning an old roof would be to have professionals analyze it first. They will tell you exactly what can be saved, what needs to be replace and what can be recreated. These steps are very important in the process. If you know for a fact that the roof is in an advanced state of degradation, it would be best you reconsider. You also have the choice of having everything recreated in order to keep the same style.

So, before you make any decisions, talk to roofing companies in Georgia about your project and see what they have to say about it. There is a big chance that they might save most of it and give you your dream house.