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Are Metal Roofs Less Expensive To Maintain?

Roofs are exposed to a great deal of aggression. Atmospheric pollutants together with water and ultraviolet radiation affect over time the coating of a metal roof (paint). The degradation process is accelerated when dirt and debris on the roof are not washed away by rain.

From the point of view of the durability of metal roofs, the most critical areas are the scratched and deformed parts where the impurities come in direct contact with the zinc layer below the paint layer; or worse, in situations where the steel layer is directly exposed to the external environment.

Thus, like any other type of roof, a metal roof needs maintenance. The good news is that this maintenance is less extensive, due to the properties of the metal. In the absence of other problems identified during the annual Snellville roofing inspections, the periodic maintenance operations include:

Snow removal

Normally, the snow will not accumulate on a metal roof and therefore will not exceed its load resistance. However, if this happens, we recommend removing the snow carefully, so that the paint layer is not affected.

Cleaning the pluvial system

The drainage system must be cleaned every year. Blocked, partially blocked or dirty gutters and downspouts maintain a humid environment, or cause the appearance of ice that can lead to corrosion. Remove any possible risk of blockage or dirt by cleaning the entire system whenever it is necessary. Repair any defects that may occur.

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The overall aspect of the roof must also be checked by Snellville roofing contractors periodically. Dust and dirt cause the risk of corrosion, keeping the surface of the roof permanently moist. On the other hand, a dirty roof is also unsightly.

In general, rainwater is sufficient to keep metal roof elements clean. However, once a year, it is necessary to remove the accumulated dirt. Surfaces should be cleaned with a soft brush and pressurized water (<100 bar). You can also use organic detergents. The rinsing should be done from the roof ridge to the gutters, after the detergent has been left for a few minutes to take effect. Persistent stains can be removed using some alcohol on a piece of soft cloth.

Just keep in mind that excessive use of washing solutions can lead to damage of the roof coating.

The paint layer

Damage to the paint layer of a metal roof must be repaired as quickly as possible. For repainting, you will have to use only paints recommended by the roof`s manufacturer. If the scratches only affects the paint layer, a single application of new paint is sufficient. But if they have reached the zinc layer, then we recommend applying two layers of paint.

The edges resulting from cutting the metal are prone to corrosion if they are not painted immediately after installation. In particular, in the case of roofs located near the ocean, people should use an additional transparent varnish, resistant to salt aggression.

Before deciding on a complete roof repainting, you should check whether there are local defects and the adhesive property of the coating is good enough, otherwise there will be some additional preparation operations to perform. If major defects are detected or if the coating layer has faded unevenly, you should consult a Snellville roofing expert to establish a professional repainting plan.