Roofing Products for Colorado – How to Determine Suitability

The presence of the Rocky Mountains, of the Colorado River, the varied geography of the state that comprises forest areas, arid desert areas, lakes and plateaus make the selection of roofing products for Colorado increasingly difficult. While some areas are prone to hail and high snowfall, others are prone to fires, to mention just two types of regions that require entirely different roofing materials. In what follows we would like to present a few material types and the areas they are recommended for to make the choice easier for you.




Not the cheapest solution and also a material that might not be suitable for very lightweight buildings that cannot hold a heavy roof, this traditional roofing material is among the best and the most durable. Tile roofing is resistant to rain, snow, hail, fire and earthquakes and they are available in varied colors and shapes. What you must also know about tile roofs is that they require professional installation, but if they are put up properly and they receive regular maintenance, they are likely to provide protection for at least 50 years, probably longer.




Metal roofs are lightweight, yet long-lasting, durable and resistant to fires, so they are perfect for arid areas. They work well in rainy and snowy areas as well, but very heavy hail might deform them. However, when used in areas that are not very prone to hails, metal roofs last up to five decades. They are quite easy and quick to install, they require very little maintenance and they are affordable to purchase, to install and to own as well.


Stone-Coated Metal


Stone-coated steel roofs are becoming more and more popular these days and not only because they are affordable and durable, but also because they are available in an incredibly wide array of shapes and colors – you can easily find roofing components that look exactly like clay tiles or shingles, giving you the looks without the costs. The metal coated in durable stone enhances the structural rigidity of the entire building and is exceptionally suitable for creating durable roofs that are resistant to hail, snow, rain and harsh sunshine as well. The coated surface will not warp or absorb water and it requires very little maintenance as well.


Asphalt Shingles


The most popular roofing material across the country, asphalt shingles are attractive, durable, lightweight and suitable for roofs that combine various angles and shapes. The other feature that make asphalt so appreciated is affordability – it is not only that the material in itself is cheaper than others such as tiles, but home owners who choose to have asphalt shingles modified by adding special compounds for increased resistance to hail and fire are rewarded with lower premiums by insurance providers in some parts of the state.


The best roofing products for Colorado are the ones chosen based on the specific features of the area the home is in – if you choose the material carefully, you will surely enjoy its protection for decades to come.  Any Parker roofing company can provide roofing product specs, to be sure you choose the right one.