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The Best Shingles to Use for Hot Climate Regions

Roofs certainly fulfill an aesthetic role, bringing the appearance of the building together and harmonizing individual components, but the most important role of the roof is to protect the building, its contents and its dwellers from the elements. Fortunately, most shingles types are today available in many different design varieties, making the aesthetic aspect is easy to handle, so the most important factor take into consideration when choosing new shingles for your roof is the weather. Not all types of shingles are suitable for all climate zones – some work better in cold regions, others are more suitable for hot or storm-prone areas. Here are a few things that Panama City roofers say you should know about when choosing the material to go on your new shingle roof.

Panama City roofers

Roof Color

The color of your shingles is a feature that is important for creating a harmonious building appearance, but not only for that – the hue that you use will also influence your home’s energy efficiency. Light colors are known to reflect solar heat and light, so light-colored shingles are more efficient when it comes to maintaining the temperature comfortably cool in your home, even when it is very hot outside, while dark colors absorb the sun’s heat and transfer some of it to the home’s interior. A shingle roof of the right color can reduce your cooling-related energy bills by 10-15%, provided that the roof is properly installed and that the building is properly insulated as well.

Shingle Type

Roofing shingles come in three basic types: asphalt shingles, fake slate shingles and shingles made from real slate. Asphalt shingles come in two varieties: laminated shingles, also known as architectural or dimensional shingles, use multiple layers of material, usually layers of fiberglass alternated with layers of asphalt and ceramic granules and they are thick and durable, looking very much like slate and three-tab shingles that are composed of a single mat sandwiched between one supportive layer on the bottom and a layer of granules on the top and are therefore much thinner and not nearly as resistant as the former type.

Fake slate shingles are very similar to asphalt shingles, but they are much more varied in terms of the materials they are made from, such as plastic, rubber or clay. They usually offer the same level of resistance as asphalt shingles.

Slate shingles are made from natural stone and they offer all the durability and the attractive looks that can be expected of the great natural material. If you are contemplating using slate for your next roof, be prepared that it is among the most expensive and the heaviest roofing solutions available today

Special Features

The manufacturers of modern shingles have developed special products for hail- and storm-prone areas. Called impact-resistant shingles, these special types of shingles are extensively tested before they are sold – steel balls are dropped onto them to simulate the impact of hail stones and many are also tested for wind resistance. In terms of pricing, impact-resistance shingle varieties are a bit more expensive than standard shingles, but they also come with other extra features, such as increased resistance to water.


In terms of longevity, all shingles types can be expected to resist for around 20-40 years, depending on how much attention you pay to roofing repair and maintenance.

Roofing Products for Colorado – How to Determine Suitability

The presence of the Rocky Mountains, of the Colorado River, the varied geography of the state that comprises forest areas, arid desert areas, lakes and plateaus make the selection of roofing products for Colorado increasingly difficult. While some areas are prone to hail and high snowfall, others are prone to fires, to mention just two types of regions that require entirely different roofing materials. In what follows we would like to present a few material types and the areas they are recommended for to make the choice easier for you.




Not the cheapest solution and also a material that might not be suitable for very lightweight buildings that cannot hold a heavy roof, this traditional roofing material is among the best and the most durable. Tile roofing is resistant to rain, snow, hail, fire and earthquakes and they are available in varied colors and shapes. What you must also know about tile roofs is that they require professional installation, but if they are put up properly and they receive regular maintenance, they are likely to provide protection for at least 50 years, probably longer.




Metal roofs are lightweight, yet long-lasting, durable and resistant to fires, so they are perfect for arid areas. They work well in rainy and snowy areas as well, but very heavy hail might deform them. However, when used in areas that are not very prone to hails, metal roofs last up to five decades. They are quite easy and quick to install, they require very little maintenance and they are affordable to purchase, to install and to own as well.


Stone-Coated Metal


Stone-coated steel roofs are becoming more and more popular these days and not only because they are affordable and durable, but also because they are available in an incredibly wide array of shapes and colors – you can easily find roofing components that look exactly like clay tiles or shingles, giving you the looks without the costs. The metal coated in durable stone enhances the structural rigidity of the entire building and is exceptionally suitable for creating durable roofs that are resistant to hail, snow, rain and harsh sunshine as well. The coated surface will not warp or absorb water and it requires very little maintenance as well.


Asphalt Shingles


The most popular roofing material across the country, asphalt shingles are attractive, durable, lightweight and suitable for roofs that combine various angles and shapes. The other feature that make asphalt so appreciated is affordability – it is not only that the material in itself is cheaper than others such as tiles, but home owners who choose to have asphalt shingles modified by adding special compounds for increased resistance to hail and fire are rewarded with lower premiums by insurance providers in some parts of the state.


The best roofing products for Colorado are the ones chosen based on the specific features of the area the home is in – if you choose the material carefully, you will surely enjoy its protection for decades to come.  Any Parker roofing company can provide roofing product specs, to be sure you choose the right one.

The Best Georgia Roofing Products For Reconditioning An Old Roof

Roofing companies in Georgia have taken up all sorts of challenges over the years. Many of them prefer reconditioning projects, as they can be quite testing, but rewarding as well.

Some may think that reconditioning an old roof is a bad idea given the roofing materials that we have today. What they do not understand is that those old roofs are a part of history and true works of art. Where they see something broken, others see potential and something that can be brought back to life. If you are interested in reconditioning an old roof, here is what you need to know about Madison GA roofing options:

  1. Not all materials can be saved

Due to age and weather conditions, roofing materials suffer and get damaged or destroyed over the years. No matter how much you would want to hold on to some of the parts of the roof, you need to understand that they can turn into dust at a simple touch. If you are fond of the beauty of the piece, roofers will offer you the option of recreating that particular part. They will do their best to keep the same details, but you cannot continue using the old one.

  1. New insulation is a must

In the old days, insulation was mostly made out of wool, sponge and even hay. Over the years, that insulation has already gathered dust, bacteria and pests. There is no reason why you should want to keep it. If you want to keep the same idea, you can opt for natural wool insulation. It is safer and offers better insulation than what you can find on the market right now.

  1. Structure

Before you start on anything, you will need to have a roofer and an architect take a look at the structure of the roof. You need to know if the structure needs to be changed. Back in the days, the only option for a strong roofing structure was thick wood. Also, because there were not a lot of treatments for wood, the materials were most likely a target for termites and other pests. We urge you to replace it immediately with something stronger. Try a combination of wood and metal just to be on the safe side.

The best thing you can do in reconditioning an old roof would be to have professionals analyze it first. They will tell you exactly what can be saved, what needs to be replace and what can be recreated. These steps are very important in the process. If you know for a fact that the roof is in an advanced state of degradation, it would be best you reconsider. You also have the choice of having everything recreated in order to keep the same style.

So, before you make any decisions, talk to roofing companies in Georgia about your project and see what they have to say about it. There is a big chance that they might save most of it and give you your dream house.

The Importance Of The Environmentally Friendly Roofing Products Used In California

Eco-friendly roofing is perfectly able to protect the structure of a building as well as keeping its cooling and heating system perfectly functional.

Present days are characterized by the green evolution which already touched many aspects of our lives; building remodeling is one of them. Green solutions come with two main benefits: reducing the strain on natural resources and saving on energy consumption. Statistics of the U.S. Department of Energy show promising numbers: $20 billion a year represent the savings in energy costs by green renovated buildings.

Of course, green improvements do not refer only to roofs, however, considering that a roof is the component that protects the entire structure of a building, it constitutes a great thing to start with, or at least to make it one of the priorities.  Santa Cruz roofing companies look into all the green options.

The efficiency of green roofing materials

Eco-friendly and energy efficient roofing excels in reflecting or absorbing solar heat. Considering the state’s climate, the green roofing materials used in California are usually highly reflective, in order to prevent heat penetrating below the roof and increasing the cooling demands. Beside their energy-efficiency, these materials provide all the other benefits: resistance to water, fire and weather phenomena, durability etc.

Roofing contractors here are focused on what is called “cool roof”= reflective materials + light colors

Eco-friendly cool roofing products include clay, wood, metal, slate and the new generation of recycled shingles made from plastic, rubber or wood fiber, which will all avoid the growing landfill.

However, there are some other alternative green roofing products used in California.

  • Solar Roof Shingles

This type of roofing materials constitutes one of the latest roofing trends that produces green energy. Solar roof shingles are hybrid materials that protect the roof from the weather, just like traditional shingles, but they also turn solar energy into electricity. They come with incorporated photovoltaic technology, consisting of semiconductors that capture the solar light and use it to create electrical power. With solar shingles, every home can produce its own energy needed by other house appliances. This roofing system is expensive, but it is made to last and there will be significant savings in the long run.

  • Vegetative roofs

Also known as living roofs, or eco-roofs, vegetative roofs are something unique – both beautiful and sustainable. With very few exceptions, roofs are unused areas, with no other function than protecting the building from the elements; however, these roof types can make these areas even more useful.

Vegetative roofs can be installed on a waterproof base and consist on soil with mineral components and very little organic matter, or pre-planted modules, where flowers, plants and grass can be grown. These green roofs Improve air quality, provide a very good insulation and reduce noise, offer a nice habitat for small insects and even birds, not to mention that they look natural and totally awesome. Just like in the case of solar shingles, vegetative roofs are more expensive than other options, but they require very little maintenance and the roof`s life will be extended by 200-300%.

How To Make Sure That The Roofing Services Your Home Needs Are Provider

Making sure that you pick the best man for a roofing job can help you save a lot of money and time in the future. When it comes to roofing services in San Antonio as well as in other areas of Texas, it is important to find a reliable and efficient specialist who will not give you any headaches regarding the work done.


Here are our 8 tips on how to choose a roofer:

  1. Don’t rush into it – contact at least three roofers to get a general opinion on what the market offers. The companies you choose must provide roofing services in San Antonio on a regular basis and be properly established in the construction field – otherwise, you may have the surprise of not being able to make use of your warranty in case the specialist who did your roofing job moved away or closed the business;
  2. Make sure that the worker has liability insurance and worker’s compensation. For that, verify the certificates you are provided with and contact the insurance carrier to make sure they really exist, otherwise you may be exposing yourself to the risk of hiring a scammer;
  3. Verify the roofer’s tax identification number, their business address, phone number or website;
  4. Ask for references from past clients or from the local Better Business Bureau or by calling Texas Department of Professional Regulation – this step is especially important if you want to hire a roofer for a complex roofing job;
  5. Ensure that the roofer has the appropriate certification for installing a certain type of roof, should the manufacturer asks for it, otherwise you may be risking nullifying the warranty of the roofing product;
  6. You must get a detailed proposal or even a contract with more information on the roofing job’s duration, its start time and end time, the warranty and the issues that can make it void, as well as the payment and the roofing materials used; a written document will help you be more confident in the face of scammers or jobs poorly done;
  7. Make sure you can easily with the San Antonio roofing company employees, otherwise you expose yourself to unwanted stress and possibly risks; this is why it is preferred you avoid signing letters of intent with roofers that show up at your doorstep announced, claiming you have roof problems caused by extreme temperature or storms;
  8. Do not get fixated on a cheap price, unless you want to expose yourself to the risk of costly repairs in the future. It is better to choose a roofer who will ask more but provides workmanship guarantee, rather than get cheap and questionable service.

To conclude, a roofing job is only as good as the roofer you pick to do it. If you fail to take all the precautions necessary, you may find yourself regretting your lack of action in the future. And rather than creating uncertainties that will make you lose sleep and money, why not go with the safe choice from the start?

How to Go About Hiring Local Roofers for Maintenance in Chicago

A roofing system built to last is not always a luxury we can afford. While modern day materials and roof installation techniques are constantly bringing in added innovation to ensure your roof lasts longer, they are not a replacement for proper maintenance.

Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable roofing experts in the Chicago area who specialize in keeping even the oldest, most run-down roofing systems up to par.

Why Should You Hire a Roofer for Regular Maintenance?

The most experienced Chicago roofing contractors will often tell you that keeping your roof clean and avoiding repairs in the long run by scheduling regular maintenance checks – preferably once or twice a year – is essential for your roof’s long and healthy life. Also, there are several important problems that could imply the need for unscheduled maintenance checks.

Some of the major causes for concerns are as follows:

  • Ice dams  always tend to cause more problems than one might expect. The ice build-up will form a dam that doesn’t allow melting snow to drain off the roof as it should. Instead, the excess water will place added strain on your roof, and can eventually cause leakage.
  • Ponding water can often have the same effect, and raises an even bigger alarm when your roof is old or uneven.
  • Heavy snow storms and wind damage often go hand in hand with excessively cold temperatures. These trying weather conditions can place significant strain on your roof and cause it to age prematurely. Anything from cracked, lost and broken shingles to interior structural damage because of the exceedingly heavy snow pressing down on the roof will need to be checked thoroughly by an experienced roofer.

Also, you’ll find that, aside from dealing with all these issues, a reliable and experienced roofer can point out unexpected problems during periodical maintenance checks that would normally go unchecked for several more years. This would help you save a lot of money down the line, and even prolong your roof’s overall lifespan.

Services for Making Your Roof Last Longer

The services that Chicago roofers provide for the purpose of making sure that your roof can outlast its typically assigned life span either consist of maintenance programs or upgrades. While maintenance can be quite affordable in the long run, upgrade prices are steeper the more cutting edge you want your roof to become, and can be less useful when the roof you own is already old.

Regular maintenance services can help prevent unnecessary repairs, offer improved protection for your home, walls and all your belongings, minimize life cycle costs and protect your roof’s warranty.

When installed properly, upgrades can extend the life of your roof. Protective and reflective coatings have the role of maximizing energy savings, while advanced gutter installations or upgraded flashing will ensure that your roofing systems deals with snow storms and other weather events with better efficiency.

All in all, it makes a great deal of sense to hire the most experienced and reliable local roofers to either install your upgrades or at least make sure your roof doesn’t need repairs. And you’ll also realize that Chicago roofing experts often go beyond the call of duty when it comes to ensuring that everything is in good order.